Selected Publications


  • Building the Nocturnal Commons. Infrastructures of Labour in DevelopmentArticle in preparation for submission in 2023.

  • Book Manuscript in preparation for submission in 2023. Working Title: London After Hours. Work, Capital and Technology in the Night-Time Economy.


  • Book Review: "Managing Cities at Night. A Practitioner Guide to the Urban Governance of the Night-Time Economy". Urban Studies. Link.

  • "Defining and discussing the notion of commoning". GOLD VI Working Paper Series #14 (April 2022). Barcelona: United Cities and Local Governments. Link.

  • Kolioulis, A. (et al.) "Working Nights: municipal strategies for nocturnal workers". London: Autonomy, December 2021. Link.

  • Kolioulis, A. (et al.) "Voices of Creatives. Scenarios for the New Normal in the Creative Industries of Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East after Covid-19". Bonn: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), 2021. Link.


  • “More day in the night? The gentrification of London’s night-time through clubbing”. Bollettino della Società Geografica Italiana 14, 2(1) (2019): 209-220.

  • “Of Drones and Angels. GAIKA’s Sonic Images of Urban Resistance.” Mediapolis: Journal of Cities and Culture 2, no. 3 (2017). Open Access.

  • “Borderlands: Dub Techno’s Hauntological Politics of Acoustic Ecology.” Dancecult: Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture 7, no. 2 (2015): 64-85.


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  • Kolioulis, A. "Écologie de la musique techno : subjectivité, machines et territoires urbains : pour une critique de l’esthétique techno à partir de Detroit et Londres". Paris 8, December 2018. Link (French).


  • “The Future of Dancefloors: Building More Flexible, Open and Innovative Clubbing Experiences”. In M. Fichman, R. Foster, L. Leichsenring, M. Milan, D. Raiselis, A. Seijas, and J. Yuan. Global Night-Time Recovery Plan. VibeLab, 2020. Open Access.

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  • (Postface) Gandy, M., Kolioulis, A., and Villani, T. “Qu’est-ce que l’écologie queer?” In Gandy, M. Ecologie Queer. Paris, Eterotopia France, 2015. ISBN: 979-10-93250-07-6.


  • "Night Work and Night Spaces. Delivering the City and the Politics of Space" Historical Materialism 19th annual Conference, SOAS. 13 November 2022.

  • (Invited Speaker). "Sweating on the dance floor. On climate change and the creative industries." Rencontres universitaires - La musique à l’âge de l’Anthropocène. Université de Caen, NDK Festival, 19 October 2022. Link.

  • "Triple Launch: Building a Sustainable Queer Nightlife in London". UCL, 27 July 2022. Link.

  • "Building the Nocturnal Commons. Infrastructures of Labour in Development". NITE Third International Conference, Leiden University, 19-20 May 2022. Link.

  • (Invited Speaker). "Night working and night hubs". Mid Term Conference of the International Night Studies Network. 21 April 2022. Link.

  • (Invited Speaker). "Rising up for the crisis. "Nighttime economy for cities, communities and for the industry". Night Time Economy Summit, NTIA/VibeLab Global Cities After Dark, 7-8 April 2022. Link.

  • "Insights and Findings: Voices of the Creatives Study". VibeLab, 28 April 2021. Link.

  • (Invited Speaker). “Night-time economies and night-time workers”. Municipal Socialism Introductory Workshop at Labour Party The World Transformed Conference, 03 September 2020.

  • (Invited Speaker). “Democratise the Night: Dance Music as a Right to the City against the Financialisation of Night-Time”. Night Spaces: Migration, Culture and Integration in Europe, The Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment (UCL), 13 May 2020.

  • "Eccesso e scarto. Eco-logiche dell’accumulazione." Eco/Logiche Politiche, saperi, corpi e soggettività nel tempo della crisi ambientale, Cox 18, 4 April 2020. Link.

  • “Good Night, White Night: decolonizing and democratizing popular night economies”. First International Conference on Night Studies, Lisbon 2-4 July 2020.

  • (Invited Speaker). “Dance music as a right to the city against the financialization of night-time”. In the City: A Seminar Series on Urban Life, Art, Culture and Politics. Centre for Cultural Studies Research & the School for Arts and Digital Industries, University of East London, 25 March 2020.

  • “What are the barriers to radical municipal experiments in the UK?”. Experimental Recipes for a Radical Municipalism. Royal Geographical Society Annual Conference, London, 28-30 August 2019.

  • “More day in the night: the gentrification of London’s night-time through clubbing”. City Futures IV Conference organized by EURA and UAA– Dublin, 20-22 June 2019.

  • “Techno as Urban Resistance: A brief history of the collective Underground Resistance” The Art of Political Contention (Panel 1 - Arts and Contentious Ideas, Ideologies and Identities), London School of Economics (LSE), London, 29 May 2018.


  • Review of Regeneration Songs: Sounds of Investment and Loss from East London (Repeater Books 2018) by Alberto Duman Anna Minton Dan Hancox Malcolm James. London School of Economics Review of Books Blog (2019). Open Access.

  • Review of General Theory of the Precariat (Institute of Network Cultures 2017) by Alex Foti. London School of Economics Review of Books Blog (2018). Open Access.


  • “The Impact of COVID-19 on Night-Time Economies, Arts and Culture”. UCL The Bartlett Development Planning Unit, 30 June 2020. Open Access.

  • Gilbert, J., Kolioulis, A. and Süß, R., S. “Radical democracy and Municipalist Movements”. Open Democracy, 22 September 2018. Open Access.

  • Kolioulis, A. and Süß, R., S. “Circularity. A new strategic horizon”. Open Democracy, 15 January 2018. Open Access.


  • Cities After Dark - Into the Night [episode 1] with Robert Shaw, Chrystel Oloukoi, Alessio Kolioulis and Will Straw. Connected Cities at the University of Melbourne, 2021. Open Access.

  • "Interview: Alessio Kolioulis on Colin Ward’s The Child in the City and its French translation". Freedom News. 13 May 2020. Link.

  • Thinking Cities: Debating just development in the Global South. UCL The Bartlett Development Planning Unit Podcast series. Open Access.



engagée is an independent journal at the intersection of politics, philosophy and art. The project gives special importance to current political issues, publishing critical analyses and theoretically informed interventions. Links: Website, Patreon.

  • "Radical Cities", vol. 6/7 (2018)

  • "Urban Citizenship", vol. 8 (2019)

  • "Disobedient Future", vol. 9 (2020)

  • "Who Cares", vol. 10 (2021)

Eterotopia France

ETEROTOPIA France est un lieu de production, de recherche et de comparaison avec une perspective européenne, tout en portant une attention particulière sur les rapports entre la France et l’Italie. Aussi bien dans ses choix éditoriaux que dans les rencontres qu’il organise, Eterotopia France propose deux principaux axes. Le premier vise à reprendre les classiques de la pensée moderne dans différentes disciplines telles que la philosophie, l’architecture, l’urbanisme et l’art contemporain. Le second, au caractère plus expérimental, cherche à porter à connaissance des recherches et des thèmes innovants, travaux effectués en général par de jeunes auteurs dans ces mêmes domaines.

In Italiano




  • "Crepe nella città. Una nota su Progetto Minore di Camillo Boano". Tropico del Cancro (2021)

  • Review of The foreigner (Notting Hills Editions 2011) by Richard Sennett. Millepiani 39, (2012).

  • Review of L'ordine del discorso economico. Linguaggio della ricchezza e pratiche di governo in Michael Foucault (Ombre Corte 2010) by Adelino Zanini, Millepiani 37/38, (2011).

Critical Theory and Cultural Production


  • “Techno is the Message” In Sczepanski, Achim (ed.). Ultrablack of Music. Frankfurt: Mille Plateaux, 2020.

  • “Has Techno Decelerated? On Technoculutre, Acceleration and Breaks”. Non.Music.Copyriot, 18 May 2018.

  • “A Conversation with Mark Dancey” Techno&Philosophy Blog, 16 March 2018.

  • “Politicizzare il suono. Sul concetto di ritornello in Guattari” In Ghelfi, A. and Nencini R. (eds.) Guattari Reader, Florence, Quaderni di Testalepre, September 2018.

  • “Il suono della Londra che verrà”. NOT Nero Edizioni, 23 February 2018.

  • “A sensory overload. Rudy Loewe’s fusion of light and sound – Interview” Techno&Philosophy Blog, 14 October 2017.

  • Review of “londonunderlondon” by Mark Fisher and Justin Barton Review, engagée, 20 September 2017.

  • “Is there such a thing as Techno Art?” Panel intervention at the launch of the exhibition Techno and the City, Fiumano Gallery, London, UK, 3 November 2016.

  • “Le plaisire organisé et le nouvelle esprit sociale.” Intervention at EDESTA Seminar, Institute National de l’Histoire de l’Art (INHA), Paris, France, 14 November 2014.

  • “Short story of a night out”. Intervention at EDESTA Seminar, Institute National de l’Histoire de l’Art (INHA), Paris, France, 30 November 2013.


  • “Has techno decelerated?” Intervention at Rebel Machines / Subversive Bodies. Unlearning Automated Behaviours, MACAO Centre for Arts and Social Research, Milan, 28 April 2018.,milano/

  • Kolioulis, A. and Guerreschi, L. “Oedipus does not exist. Territorial Production by Means of Social Psychologies.” Paper presented at the Deleuze Conference, University of Lisbon, Portugal, July 2013.

  • “Market ex Machina. On the concept of the invisible hand in Adam Smith.” Paper presented at the Historical Materialism Conference, London, November 2011.


  • “What is Techno Art?” - Abdul Qadim Haqq meets Techno&Philosphy collective in Detroit. May 2016.