I have an interdisciplinary approach to teaching, combining critical theories and economic geography with situated practice for the study of urban economic development. As Co-Programme Leader of the MSc Programme in Urban Economic Development I currently lead one module:

  • DEVP0038 Urbanisation and Development. This module offers a critical introduction to the key economic concepts, theories and tools applied to problem diagnosis and policymaking in urbanisation and development;

And contribute to other core modules of the MSc:

  • DEVP0018 Managing the City Economy. This module is designed to enhance the understanding of the city economy and train students in the application of economic criteria to the analysis and management of the city economy in both developing and developed countries.

  • DEVP0019 Practice in Urban Economic Development. This module explores the challenges of promoting inclusive economic development in urban areas both in developing and developed countries, offering students real-life platforms to examine the experiences of urban economic development and management practices.

  • DEVP0051 Economic Policy Evaluation Tools. The objective of this module is to introduce and critically assess methods and tools used by urban economic development policy makers and practitioners to evaluate policy choices, both before and after projects and policies have been approved.